Programme of events

The 2021 programme of lectures and field meetings is still under review. What is currently proposed is available as a single sheet using the link below. If preferred a 3‑fold leaflet for 2021 can also be downloaded. The full programme for all previous years since 2005 can also be downloaded using the links below.


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You are welcome to attend one or two lectures before deciding to join the society. Membership forms can be downloaded or obtained from the Treasurer or Secretary at the meetings. Members receive regular updates about all of our lectures and field meetings, updates from other geology societies in our area and also a Newsletter six times a year.

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Annual membership rates for 2021 are:-
Adult membership £10
Associate membership £5
Under 18 year members £5
For further details contact us.

All members will receive a copy of the Policy Documents of Reading Geological Society. This will enable members to be aware of the responsibilities of themselves and the committee with regard to the running and activities of the Society.  The purpose of the document is to ensure continuity of information within the Society and to ensure that all safety measures – particularly on field trips – are clear and unambiguous.

To send us a general question or comment use this button to send a message to the general secretary

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History of the Reading Geological Society

Here is a quote from the introduction to Volume No1, 1976-7 Proceedings of the Reading Geological Society giving details of the first meeting.

The Reading Geological Society held its inaugural meeting on 12th June 1976 at Reading University. This was the culmination of many meetings by a small group of enthusiasts who over the preceding six months had worked towards setting up an organisation to fulfill their interests in geology. This interest had in most cases been generated by the efforts of two people, Dr Trevor Halsall and Dr Tom Huntingdon, both of Reading University . A series of ‘A’ Level, WEA and general courses in geology, run over the preceding three years had served to bring geology to the notice of many people in the area. Involvement in these courses and the associated field work has enabled many people to advance their interest in geology from rudimentary beginnings up to the present state where it comprises a major hobby.
Because this type of geology is considerably concerned with field studies, Dr Trevor Halsall and Dr Tom Huntingdon have willingly devoted many weekends to leading field excursions, and this is a further reason why the Society owes its existence and also its thanks to the enthusiasm of these gentlemen.
David Ward, General Secretary

We are fortunate to have many founder members still in the society which has continued to thrive over the last 45 years, offering opportunities for attending lectures of various aspects relating to geology and Earth sciences and participating in field meetings to a variety of places at home and overseas.

The Society's records for the period 1976-2003 have now been deposited with the Berkshire Records Office where they can be examined by appointment. The introduction to the archive written by founder member David Ward can be seen by following this Archive Introduction link.

Our affiliation to The Geologists’ Association connects us to a wide group of amateurs and professionals in the field of geology, giving further opportunities to attend lectures and field meetings elsewhere.



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