Reports for the long Reading Geological Society Field Meetings listed below are only available if a download link is shown below.
1996Tenerife   1998Auvergne
2000Tatra Mountains, Poland (3.0MB download)  2002Mallorca (5.7MB download)
2004Aeolian Islands and Sicily 2006Cyprus (10.7MB download)
2008Portugal (7.3MB download)   2010Assynt (19MB Download)
2012Antrim (6.5MB download) 2014Chablais (28MB download)
2016Brittany (14.5MB download)  2018Montagne Noire, France (10MB download)
2021Edinburgh (8.9MB download) 2022Peak District (11MB download)

Other accounts of field meetings, usually taken from our newsletters are available to download by clicking the buttons below.