Lectures are open to all and there is no charge for admission. However regular attendees are expected to be members of the society.

7:45pm for 8:00pm

Sorby Room, Wager Building, (formerly Geoscience),
The University of Reading,
Whiteknights, Reading.
Use Car Park 8


Monday 14 May 2018

North Atlantic Igneous Province:
the East Greenland Geological Expedition, 1966

Prof David Bell, University of Oxford

Professor Bell will show a film of the 1966 British East Greenland Geological Expedition and give a brief review of some aspects of recent and current research. The film runs for about 30 minutes and was taken with an 8mm movie camera by Brian Atkins, one of the Expedition members.

Emeritus Professor David Bell was formerly University Lecturer in Petrology and Sollas Fellow in Geology, University College.

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