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Sorby Room, Wager Building, (formerly Geoscience),
The University of Reading,
Whiteknights, Reading.
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Monday 2 September 2019

Presidential Address
Recently formed Sinkholes and Crown Holes since 2000 with reference to Berkshire

Dr Clive Edmonds

Today’s media hype would suggest that sinkholes are a regular occurrence and that numbers are on the increase. However, closer scrutiny shows that most “sinkholes” are not really “true sinkholes” at all. A study of recorded events on Chalk since 2000 has required much filtering to identify only those that may have a deep-seated origin in the ground, meaning that many records have been rejected since they are due to other anthropogenic causes. Analysis of the filtered records shows that the collapse events are actually a mix of true sinkholes and man-made crown holes. The dataset has then been studied to see what characteristics can be determined in terms of size, frequency, climate control, geology and geography. Some of the Berkshire collapses are quite spectacular and photogenic, also the subsidence “hotspots” for Berkshire will be revealed as well!

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